Established in 2001 after 9/11, Flagpoles & Patriot Colors was inspired because we wanted to see more patriotism in our neighborhood. We began a part time installation service along side our full time jobs. Within a few years it became clear that there was a high demand for more patriotism so we expanded to a full-time business selling, installing, and repairing flags and flagpoles. After hundreds of residential flagpoles we received requests for commercial installations and the business continued to expand.

Servicing northern Colorado and southern Wyoming in addition to shipping all over the country, we are committed to high quality products that will last. We consider each new patriotic flag that goes up to be a part of our legacy and we take pride in every job that we do. If you have a worn US flag you can take it to the Boy Scouts, the American Legion, or the VFW so that it will be retired respectfully.

If you are interested in a flag or flagpole repair, installation, or purchase then Contact Flagpoles & Patriot Colors Today!  970-290-0636