Over the past 17 years Patriot Colors has successfully installed hundreds of flagpoles. Our process includes a utility locate to ensure safe digging. All products include FREE shipping in the continental U.S. (see shipping policy). We also offer flag and flagpole repair services. We love spreading a patriotic spirit and take pride in each and every flagpole that we install. An old flag can be taken to the Boy Scouts, the VFW, or the American Legion to see that it is respectfully retired. All have wonderful flag retirement ceremonies.

At Flagpoles & Patriot Colors we believe in doing everything properly. Your flagpole will be straight, strong, and durable. We have installed hundreds of flagpoles and have never had a problem, you are sure to be completely satisfied with our service. Contact Us Today for More Information!

Self Installation Instructions

NOTE: The following instructions are based on our 20′x 3″ flagpole. Hole size and amount of concrete may differ from these instructions depending on the height of the pole.


Tools required for installation of foundation tube:

  • Post Hold Digger
  • Spade Shovel
  • Spud Bar
  • 2′ Level
  • Marking Paint
  • Duct Tape
  • Tape Measure

Other Materials: 6 to 8-80 lbs. bags of premix concrete Mix (3000 psi).

Prior to beginning any excavation, carefully plan the location of your flag pole.

Care should be taken to avoid underground and overhead utilities, trees, bushes or anything that my obstruct the flag pole.
We HIGHLY recommend that you call and have your utilities marked before you dig, this may be required per your state law.

Determine your flag size. By Knowing in advance how big of a flag you will fly, you will be aware of how far away from obstacles your flag pole must be. Also keep in mind the few times a year your flag will be at half staff.

Once you are satisfied that your location is safe and free of obstacles you are ready to begin.


Step 1

Mark the location where your flagpole is to be installed. For this installation our hole is 18″ diameter and 28″ deep.


Step 2

Excavate hole using your foundation tube to determine your depth. Continue until no more the 1″ is above grade. Be sure that your hole is at least 18″in diameter.



Step 3

Place tube in center of hole. While holding tube on rough vertical, pour concrete around tube. The concrete should be approximately 4″ below the top of the tube. Care should be taken not to allow any concrete to enter the tube, for this reason we have used duct tape to seal the opening.


Step 4

Level the tube using the inside of the tube only! Be sure to check level in all directions (N,S,W,E,). Never check level by laying level across top of tube as this edge is not always cut perfectly straight. Extreme care should be taken not to disturb the tube once it is level. The flag pole will only be as straight as the foundation tube.


Allow 24 hours for the concrete to harden. Back-fill remaining area with dirt and sod or other decorative material. Your Flag Pole is now ready to set.