Flagpole Box Winch & Handle


Stainless Steel Box Winch available in 3 sizes

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The Stainless Steel Box Winch is available for use on flagpoles with butt diameter of 6″ or larger. These gearless winches utilize cast bronze internal brakes which release when a winch handle is inserted and rotational pressure is applied . The winch is locked at any position by removing the handle which engages the brake system.

The winch is mounted to the inside of the flagpole with two 5/16″-18NC stainless steel bolts with mounting centers being 3 1/2″. Recommended diameters of stainless steel cable are 1/8″ or 5/32″. Minimum opening in pole for Small Winch is 4 1/8″ H x 3 1/8″ W, for Large Winch 4 1/8″ H x 3 5/8″ W and for X-Large Winch 4 1/8″ H x 6 5/8″ W. Winch Handle is included in winch price.

The small size is generally used on flagpoles up to 45′

Large size is used on flagpoles from 50′ thru 80′

X-large size is used on flagpoles higher than 80′


Box Winch description & Prices:

 Size        Drum Width       Price

Small            1 1/2″            $ 489

Large              2″                $ 489

X-Large          5″                $ 849

Handle only                       $ 50



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